Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spring time with the Spinnati's

Spring time... I like spring, but it does come with it's downfalls. One like, you know, rain. We've had massive amounts of rain this spring.  Rain is good though. My lawn looks amazingly green. Which is my favorite color.

When it's not raining, we try to get outside. Braxton is enjoying his new sandbox and the slide that his Nanner's gave him. We have a blue buggy that he enjoys when we take our evening walks. A few pictures below. (Okay, it's more then a few)

I love his chubby feet.

Chong is his Best friend (our 7 year old pekingese)
Braxton loves his daddy.

I follow Enjoying the small thing's blog. She is amazing at photography. Especially the pictures she takes of her children.  She makes me want to go out and spend a fortune on a new camera in hopes of getting pictures like the ones she has taken. I acquired a nice camera from my Mother in Law( who also is into photography, and in the process of starting her business) . I just don't know how to use it properly.  I think I'll read the manual, and start my savings for one of those Nikon D90's.

Cheers to you and spring, cheers to me learning how to take better photo's

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